Who we are? DUX Marketing Miami
To be an extension of our clients`
marketing efforts
going as far as their needs drive us, developing
creative solutions to position them
strategically and to grow their businesses

Dux Marketing is a full service marketing provider dedicated to start-ups and small businesses. It is in the middle of the spectrum. When you search for marketing support, your options are either an Ad agency with ample services or a small independent provider. The Dux Marketing model was created to be the Small Business Ad Agency, providing clients affordable access to meet all their needs under one roof.

Dux Marketing helps clients communicate with their target audiences. Whether their aim is to maintain and nurture a relationship or establish a new one, Dux Marketing can develop and execute direct marketing initiatives that are measurable and effective.

In a nutshell, Dux Marketing brings ideas to concept. It focuses on its clients’ products and services to build their image, conduct promotions, generate sales leads, and support sales drives.


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