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Keyword Research

Keywords are literally keys to your ROI! What we mean by that is, the right keywords are thrown up in searches resulting in visits to your site. Thus keywords are vitally important for any kind of online marketing activity.

If keywords are that important then why isn't everyone showing up easily on search pages? The simple reason is keywords are normally thought of by the company which tries to list out the words which a prospective customer might use to search for such services. More often than not, these words are either totally wrong or completely ineffective!

Thus, while you understand your business and you are the owner of your site, you may still not know how a customer would go about searching for a service or business like yours.

Why Does This Happen?
Site owners look at their site through narrow lens and it is the superiority of the knowledge which becomes a hindrance. The fact to be remembered is the customer is not from that industry and therefore may not even be aware of the keywords which you have used for optimization. For example a person searching for a recipe, will probably use key words like recipe, food, cuisine, American recipe etc. These are easy keywords but because they are easy, every single person out there who either writes recipes or has a food site, is trust us, optimizing their site(s) for these words.

The Dux Advantage
At Dux, we spend the most amount of time in deriving the most appropriate list of keywords for a client. This is not done by a single person but a group of us brainstorm and draw up a list of words to describe a client's company. Hence, keywords for a company working in the environment space can be as diverse as sky, rain, hot climate, hot, cold, etc. It should work, shouldn't it? The truth is generic keywords are extremely difficult to tag and these may or may not show up in a search.

We, at Dux, take keyword research to the next level and narrow down the list to include only those words which are highly sought after and also describe your site. We convert words into phrases and give various combinations and permutations of the same. For example `sky' would now become `aquamarine blue sky', `cloudy sky', `rain filled cloudy sky'. Thus, every single keyword becomes a derivative for a family of key words. Once the list is formed, only the most appropriate of all are run through vigorous tests. And the best out of the lot will become your keywords.

Keyword research is an ongoing process and we offer this service as an ongoing activity for our customers. Move forward! Move ahead of your competition.