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RSS news feed

Have you ever been told by any SEO consultant to work on news RSS feeds?
More importantly have you been confused by those tips?

But you must not ignore them. You must have noticed those “subscribe to news RSS feeds” buttons in many blogs and websites. They are extremely important nowadays if you want to achieve success with your new commercial website.

What are RSS feeds and how do they help?

The Really Simple Syndication or news RSS feed is a method if syndication of your website contents. Simply speaking, they organize the content of your website in a compressed and concise manner and make them available for submission in certain directories and for subscription by your readers. Especially if you own a blog, ezines or any site with frequent updates, regular syndication is a must. There are other syndication services available as well. But RSS is the most popular one as of now.

It helps you in many ways. First and foremost, it helps a new site get listed in search engines very quickly. You can submit your news RSS feeds to certain RSS directories for that purpose. Since they are highly ranked and frequently crawled by search engine bots, your site also gets listed quickly through them.

Moreover, nowadays most of the promotional mails get dumped to the spam folders. Instead of that your readers can subscribe to your feeds to know about your new products or services. Filters can’t stop these subscribed feeds.

Nowadays you can also syndicate your audio files using news RSS feeds and podcast them so that your clients can download them in their ipods. Overall, it helps you build a loyal reader base as subscribing to ones feed takes just a single mouse click and so many more people are open to it. So eventually you get more leads to your site and more ultimately they turn into more sales.

The Dux Advantage

To use news RSS feeds to your advantage, you need professional people who have detailed understanding of SEO and all the web 2.0 tools. The highly skilled and experienced teams at Dux marketing can take care of all such requirements for you.

We know what it takes to make an online business successful. So right from feed creation to spreading them among your target audience, we look after everything that your business needs. Our team offers continuous updating and support for your website and we look forward to a long term relationship with you.