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The printing services offered by this Miami based marketing firm include - print production and delivery of books, packaging, gift bags, magazines, commercial catalogs, journals, calendars, sticker labels, point of sale signage, advertising collateral and misc media. All these printing services attract 40% discount, which matters a lot in this cash strapped market.

Why Are We Offering Printing Services?
Dux Marketing is a marketing firm.  Let’s face it; businesses need printed materials like brochures, flyers, catalogs, calendars and other promotional materials so that they can be handed over to their clients. As ubiquitous as the internet is now a days, printing remains a force and will continue to be so for as long as people continue demanding to readily see and feel things.

We at Dux Marketing, have been involved in the printing business for years.  Being so entrenched in our veins, we were forced to look for ways to lower costs. Getting the printing jobs done locally was too costly, and thus we ventured into China.  We have been doing 1st class work at prices that have enabled our clients 

What’s Different about Dux Marketing’s Print Job Services?
Businesses inherently are apprehensive about outsourcing their printing jobs to China for obvious reasons. We knew it and thus began a lengthy and extensive research for finding out best print service providers in China. We laid down following rules for short-listing the potential print job service providers -

  • Should be in business for at least 10 years.
  • All the machines should be of German or Japanese make.
  • Should be ISO certified.
  • Have been working with US based organizations for at least five years.
  • Has minimum production capacity of 25 tons per week.

We were able to zero on few such firms, which met our strict criterions. This set the stage for our printing services division.

What to Expect from Dux Marketing?
As our client, you just have to tell us about your requirements. We will –

  • Design the print material for you
  • Assurance of quality
  • Get the designs approved from you
  • Present you with sample proofs and only after they are approved by you, they will be sent for final production
  • Deliver the print material at your door-step
  • If at all, you as our client are not happy with the final result, we assure you that the whole job will be re-done without any additional expenses.

What Our Client’s will Gain?
  • Saving’s of 40-50%
  • All the printing related services under one roof, which will be the office of Dux Marketing
  • Only one visit needed (for placing initial order)
  • No hassles related to cross border financial transactions
  • Constant updates on job’s progress
  • Communications with same Dux representative from start to end
  • Delivery at door-step

The Bottom-Line
Essentially, you are dealing with an American firm, with American quality standards. We get the job done from the best in class printing providers from China and we assume complete responsibility for the whole process.  Expect the best from us. And yes, all this comes at 40-50% savings. Are you still waiting?