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Online marketing might be the flavor of the season now. But at the same time we can’t ignore traditional media like television and radio which are excellent ways of brand building. They are also more credible than impersonal mailers or banner ads. Newbie entrepreneurs and small business owners often find it difficult to get into such media due to their intimidating costs as well as the want of suitable material for them. But considering their huge potential and wide audience base, they should not be ignored.

So what is Dux offering?

Dux Marketing is offering the following media services to small and medium businesses:

Infomercials: Infomercials, as you know, are long format TV commercials. They are longer than usual TVCs and made as actual programs rather than advertisements. Dux helps you make your own infomercials that pass on useful information about your products and services and elicit response from the audiences which in turn is converted into sales.

Direct Response Television: We also help our clients with DRTV commercials which are shorter than infomercials. But they can be very effective as they tend to elicit direct response from the customers by asking them to call at a certain number or visiting the website. Considering the wide reach of TV, even if a fraction of the audience responds, you might get a flood of calls or swarm of traffic on your website.

3D visuals: A lot of things look good on two dimensional papers but disappoints you when they come to life. 3D visualization is an excellent way to communicate your plans, schemes or models to your potential clients. Our team of highly skilled experts at Dux helps you create 3D visuals for your proposed products, services and business plans for effective presentation.

We have an array of other services also like Radio advertising to get hold of the radio buffs and music lovers who tune into FM channels every morning. We also offer background music, sound effects and VFX and voices off services for various commercials. Moreover, we also offer Podcasting services to cash in on the ipod craze and distribute audio visual promotional material through them.