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Article Submission

Articles are informative pieces of literature mostly written in third person speech. They are often neutral while at times they can take a strong stand on a subject. If it is an opinion piece, the opinion is normally backed with tangible proof in the form of research.
Therefore, articles require a certain amount of thought process, efficiency and most importantly, writing skills.

Why articles?
Articles establish your authority as a thought leader in a chosen space or field. Hence, articles are proof that you know your business best. Also articles are a cost effective way of getting publicity. This is because articles are normally accepted by most offline media as journalists too need material and they are often happy if they come across a well written piece which they don’t need to sit and rewrite. This simply means that the article will be carried in your name and get you instant visibility.

While offline media is the obvious choice, there are various other forums to submit articles online. These are places where a huge number of users go to seek information. For example, eZines, About.com are sites which are basically article publishers. Since their sites have already been spidered by most search engines, your articles stand a fair chance of showing up in a search in the firs page itself.

The article can end with a link to your site and before you know it, you are actually creating a steady stream of visitors back to your site.

Imagine a scenario where there are constant supplies of articles being published in your name in various forums on the Internet?

Why do you need articles?
Articles unlike blogs take on a third party perspective and hence are more authentic. These articles can be key word optimized and published in various places – both offline media and online media. Hence you can have them published as bylined articles in relevant magazines and newspapers, have them carried in online media, you can post them in various forums or even just carry them in your own website.

The Dux Advantage
Our expertise lies in:

a. We spend a fair amount of time in researching key words and pertinent topics which are closely related to our client’s area of work and expertise

b. We actually write articles on behalf of our clients

c. We select the different forums and places where the articles will get maximum visibility. We share it with the client and then publish it

d. We help our clients to track responses through specially created landing pages.