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Article Writing

Many agencies will offer designing and copy writing services but when it comes to content writing they normal face a challenge. This is because article writing can only be done by those who have a flair for writing.

Why do you need articles?
Articles are the proof of your business so to speak. What this means is that every article is a testimonial of your knowledge on a particular subject. Hence if you are in the beauty business, there are hordes of articles which can be written about the effects of weather, why wrinkles happen, how to control your diet etc. etc. There is actually a limitless array of topics you can plunge into and write articles about.

Why do you need articles?
Articles unlike blogs take on a third party perspective and hence are more authentic. These articles can be key word optimized and published in various places both offline media and online media. Hence you can have them published as bylined articles in relevant magazines and newspapers, have them carried in online media, you can post them in various forums or even just carry them in your own website.

The Dux Advantage
Writing articles requires discipline as there has to be a steady stream of articles to make a difference. While you may understand your business and your team may be efficient writers, you and your staff may not have the bandwidth to write articles on an ongoing basis. At Dux we understand this and offer this as a special service. Our pool of writers produces excellent articles on different subjects on behalf of our clients.