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Blogging is a validation of your depth of knowledge on your core subject matter
Blog are like personal journals of people who have views and opinions on any topic under the sky. While blogs started off as a simple tool of self expression, today it has evolved into a dynamic and powerful marketing tool.

What are Blogs?

At the heart of it, blogs are websites but they are designed for robust user access and comfort. Hence, any one in a company or business can quickly update a blog site. Blogs are also interactive and are great tools for customer participation and viral marketing.

They are not a substitute for a company website, but they are definitely a necessary supplement to a company site.

Is blogging necessary?
People use blogging to promote products, provide research information and give tutorials. Lots of companies use blog writing to attract inbound links from other sites. Thus, by writing a blog and adding a few relevant links, you are actually building a seamless network of communication. You are also getting a lot more people to visit your site and these are people who probably did not even know of your existence. Thus, you can use blogging to educate and to attract.

The Dux Advantage
While you are busy running your business and ensuring its success, our pool of professional writers will take on the role of `thought leaders' and write blogs on your behalf. While the blogs will be generic in nature, to trigger reader interest, your company's name will be mentioned, either in the article or as the article contributor.

By systematical and regular blog writing, we will build a healthy stream of readers who will visit your website.

In this world of cut throat SEO competition and Keyword mania, blogging provides a clean and good way to get traffic to your site.

Thus, over time, blogs increase your business's value in terms of your extensive knowledge about your core subject matter. Hence if you are in the business of health care, we will blog on your behalf about the harmful effects of global warming. Where this is no visible connection, we will provide a route to increase visibility for your business and value in the eyes of your customers.