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Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

You have search engine optimized your site,
You have added campaigns,
You have ensured that your website has all the needed ingredients to make you successful in your business

and now you don’t really want to bother about Pay Per Click Advertising!

Welcome to the world of `lost opportunities’!

The good news is, you are not alone in your thinking. A lot of people do not understand Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising out there and hence tend to ignore it!

So what exactly is PPC?
Pay per click search engines are a marketing option, where you pay when your advertisement is clicked. Thus the name Pay-Per-Click! The advantage of PPC is that while your business could be on the first page of Google searches for a few keywords, it won’t be possible for your site to show up in the first search page for all those keywords which best describe your business or your products.

How does it work?
Thus by listing out all appropriate key words and doing a search for them, we can see the list of websites which have a good listing on Google. Adding an advertisement of your company in these pages would mean that the user could click on your link to know more about your services. This is because; the user is already in a relevant page as he is seeking some information and a well designed advertisement with the necessary key words would be an open invitation to the user.

The good news for you is you only pay for the clicks, which means that you now have a steady stream of relevant visitors and you are only paying for visits. Since cost calculated at Pay per Click is really small, you are actually generating business leads in a cost effective manner.

The Dux Advantage
We at Dux marketing will educate you on PPC and help you decide on those keywords and websites which make most sense for you. We will sign up for Pay Per Click options on your behalf and monitor the key words performances.

By giving you regular reports we will keep you updated on how your key words are performing. We will monitor them on a daily basis and ensure that you get the best value for money.