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Spiderman techniques for Search Engine Optimization
Your website is your gateway to success – it gives you global visibility, instant access to prospects and customers and provides a worldwide branding platform for you.

The price of not showing up in a higher rank on a search page can be fatal for a business enterprise! No matter how aesthetically created a website is or how well it portrays your organization, if the site does not show up on a Search Engine Results Page (SERP) then it is absolutely useless as it is not serving the purpose for which it was originally created.

What is Search Engine Optimization?
Search engine optimization is a very scientific process. Showing up on the first SERP is not a coincidence or an accident. It requires careful analysis, followed by research and complete rewriting of content to include those keywords which may be used to search for a business enterprise such as yours. High ranking keywords in every single page of a website will ensure that the site is Search engine optimized. These words are not randomly picked but selected out of a careful analysis of the thousands of words which people use to conduct searches on search engines. Do you want to know how your keywords performed last month? Click here

Along with ranking high in an SERP, the webpage should have content which is relevant, and captures your visitor’s attention. Good SEO techniques will be able to ensure that this is done satisfactorily.

However, the entire web world seem to be optimizing their sites and hence it is imperative that SEO is an ongoing process which includes competitor analysis on a regular basis with fine tuning of the website’s content and key word density.

No matter how careful you are, SEO crawlers or spiders can still reject a site if they are not convinced of its key word authenticity.

Dux Advantage

Keyword Analysis
Once we decide on the keywords which appropriately describe your business, we will conduct an analysis to understand the breakdown of terms used by people to search for products and services similar to yours.

Search Engine Marketing

Unless your website is properly optimized search engine spiders won’t be able to access your site and hence they won’t be in a position to even rank your site. Our engineers work on optimizing source code, heading, descriptions and every single bit of text or image in your site.

In parallel, we undertake rigorous Search Engine Marketing activities on behalf of our clients. These activities center on paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion. We will, on your behalf cover the entire spectrum of Search Engine Marketing activities which include developing your online marketing strategies and managing your paid listings to optimize return on investments.

Search Engine Submission
We will, on your behalf, submit your website to major search engines on a monthly basis. Once your site is listed at the top, we will submit your site as and when required.

Social Media Marketing

Our writers specialize in producing blog and article content which we will submit to major blogging sites, social media sites to create additional buzz about your company and increase traffic to your site.

Who understands spiders and their webs better than Spiderman? Our SEO engineers (Spidermen) understand this business better than anyone else out there. By using our services, you are sure to have a high page ranking not just once or twice, but on a regular, ongoing basis.