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Marketing without proper advertising in place holds no value. Today, the world has moving rapidly towards online marketing. But not to mention traditional advertisement like local TV advertising and radio advertising which still hold a respectable value in the marketing plans of these modern companies. It’s only for their credibility. And if they are not delivered properly, even the best of the companies may get to feel the heat.

In the present busy world people do not have time or patient to go out for a few hours to buy what they want to and thus telemarketing has taken the center stage. Hence, direct response television (drtv) has become an essential for most of the companies, especially for the start ups. This provides the customers an option to respond directly to the advertiser. At the same time it allows the advertisers to show the products in use creating a better impact in the minds of the consumers. Thus our work done in drtv in Miami has always attempted to make sure that the small drtv commercials are powerful enough to persuade the viewer to be a customer.

We also provide complete solution for infomercials in Miami. With our infomercials, the customers are given a flavor of the products that the client has to provide. Moreover, we provide advertising services through local TV advertising, online radio advertising, digital media advertising, video production, audio miami production and all that are needed to give perfect media marketing to your products. In addition to that, we also provide to our clients 3D visuals whenever they need to make a real great impression on special customers. While other media production houses give only one or the other form of advertising, Dux helps clients put in place a proper media strategy that helps in building an impact on the customers.