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Distributions Pieces

In our overall promotional package, creation of distribution pieces such as flyers, postcards and rack cards has an important place. This is because, unlike other advertisement and promotional materials, they have a relatively longer shelf life. These distribution pieces increase the visibility of the company in the long run.

We have significant experience in creation and development of distribution materials. Our team of designers can create customized distribution pieces at highly competitive rates. Unlike others, we, we first try to identify and understand about the end receiver before rushing to the desktop to create distribution pieces for our clients.

The other important aspect of distribution pieces is that they sometimes act as a highly effective tool during public relations campaigns. They also help in reminding the people about the company and the goods or services that it provides. Empirical evidence suggests that distribution pieces have greatly before rushing to the desktop to create distribution pieces for our clientsin meeting their sales targets in the past. We, at Dux Marketing always focus on creativity and quality as we know that at the end of the day, it is the conversion which really matters.

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