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As a part of our broader internet marketing and brand marketing package, we offer creative mailing services to our clients. The mailers that we send on behalf of our clients help in generating a positive response towards their brand. The mailing services include, direct mailing, targeted lists, custom mailers and database management where we use standard, selective and discerning techniques to enthuse and arouse the prospective clients’ interest in the company.  

In direct mailings, we approach cautiously and after high level of research and study of business market so as to create maximum impact and deliver the best results. In addition to that we also send mailers to a targeted list of clients who have a very high probability of responding to our client company’s mailers.

If you own an ecommerce based business then Dux Marketing is the best choice for you as we have a team of highly skilled and dedicated individuals with no nonsense attitude when it comes to quality. Our technical expertise and apposite utilization of all the tools that are at our disposal makes our mailers the best in the ecommerce internet marketing business.  Our extensive marketing package also includes database management where we use latest available technique to ensure that the data in our clients’ database is safe, well maintained and easily redeemable.

It is the means to reflect creatively your company's personality through a selective combination of shapes, colors and textures

THE STANDARD Reflect your image by placing your logo and personal information in a balanced and appealing layout.

THE SELECTIVE Standing out from the crowd is never easy, but inspired design and textures will set the difference.

THE DISCERNING For a unique look that will certainly be remembered. Feel free to use raised graphics, special cuts, colors and materials.