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Side Orders

At times, using unconventional means help a lot in promoting a business as well as brand marketing. Side orders which include materials like folders, calendars, bags, labels and stickers, newsletters, banners, billboards, door hangers, promotional materials and magazine and newspaper ads help establish brand image among clients or prospective clients.

Dux Marketing offers specialized services such as designing and creation of side orders materials which, if well designed and properly presented, increase the visibility of a brand. Even though most of them are generally used to be given as gifts to clients or for public relations purposes, they nevertheless are an effective marketing tool.

A periodic company newsletter helps keep its clients in touch with the latest goods or service provided by it. Some companies even gift their clients with theme calendars on the eve of New Year. These calendars which have company logo which creates psychological impact on clients as it keep reminding them as well as anyone who see it about the company.

Already, Dux Marketing has helped several businesses, especially the small ones, in promoting their goods and services through side orders materials. In Miami, we are one of the select few companies offering a host of promotional services including web promotional services, internet marketing services and business marketing services. Our Company marketing and advertising approach has been largely responsible for the success of our clients. We believe in making fewer promises and delivering more results. We also design and create banners and billboards for our clients which they can used for promotional purposes in various events.