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In the modern competitive world we get to see more and more new companies entering the market with every passing day. This not only adds to the market competition, but also floods the consumers’ mind making his memory vulnerable to any given company. Perhaps that is why today branding has taken the driver’s seat in all marketing plans, more so in case of the small businesses and start ups. This is the tool that creates a business identity. Thus we at Dux Marketing provide a holistic solution for brand marketing in Miami for our clients.

To create business identity, one has to start from the very scratch, which is company identity conceptualization. In most cases small business company image creation experts end up creating something that attracts the consumers. But what they miss out is the company should be able to able to draw customers only on basis of its strengths. Here company identity conceptualization plays a big role. Thus at Dux Marketing before providing any solutions to our clients first we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the company. Accordingly we develop an image building/makeover exercise that not only attracts customers towards our clients, but also keeps them attached to our clients for the fact that they never find any discrepancy between their perception and our clients’ products/services. This is what makes us one of the best brand marketing consultants in Miami.

As a part of brand marketing strategies we use creative logo graphic design concept to develop logos suitable for the desired brand image of our clients. We consider it as the most important thing for branding as standing out of crowd is never easy and your logo helps you do exactly the same. It makes you identifiable for the target consumer amid the mass. That is why we consider the corporate logo as the sharpest tool for creating a business image. Based on the idea our graphic logo designer team dedicates itself to create the best logos for our clients.