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A 'Brand' is an abstract concept held in people’s minds. It communicates a promise about what one will receive from a product or service. It is the whole company’s identity, from its name and logo to every piece of communication: advertising, web-site, collaterals, and events. It is every encounter with a customer or prospect.

Building a brand marketing image is a long term strategy. To pursue it successfully, you must be careful not to deliver confusing or meaningless messages. Consequently, your Marketing Communication must be carefully planned as it will shape and mold your branding design. At Dux Marketing, we utilize all the tools that fit your specific case to create a marketing mix that generates the right attitudes and reactions, while delivering a solid promise to the end customer.

Your competitors may have a superior sales structure, greater awareness, and bigger budgets. However this does not guarantee dominance. At Dux Marketing, we can place your branding marketing on a winning path despite your competitors’ strengths.

We essentially look at two main areas:

Positioning: What does your branding design stand for?

Brand Strategy: How do you bring it there?

Positioning is how your products and services are situated in the minds of customers and target audiences. -Effective positioning makes your target buyers associate a benefit with your product and entices them to buy. Through a sound Brand Strategy, you can claim a position by consistently executing an idea that has meaning to the target audience in all your marketing communications. Here your brand strategy comes to life through everything you say and do. Every touch point is an opportunity to enhance the power of your brand marketing, and should be managed accordingly.

  • Control over your image
  • A space in the competitive spectrum that you can own like no one else.
  • Clarity to help you decide what to do – and what not to do.