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Creativeness with a purpose - Creative Design and Conceptualizations

The creative concepts identifies customers' stated and unstated needs and wants and makes the satisfaction of his or her needs, the focal point of all business activities.
Thus, a creative concept is not meant so much for you or your company as for how your customers perceive you. It is not just about playing around with words and images meaninglessly. A Creative Development is all about understanding your customer – what he or she wants from you and representing it through the design element.

Why do we need to communicate?

For any business to succeed, visibility is absolutely necessary, as it is only through visibility that it can attract more business which in turn results in revenue. All businesses target segments or categories. Within each category there has to be some clear differentiators to attract people and those differentiators are created during the marketing conceptualization where we help you to define your business concept and help you to roll it out into different marketing communicational tools.

Even established businesses, sometimes wonder why they are not as successful as they could be, and the difference is in brand identification. Customers identify their preferred product by its brand identity. As an example, Kellogg’s may be as good as any other cereal product in the market but a customer prefers to buy Kellogg’s because she connects the name to certain brand attributes.

The Creative Concepts is at the root of your Branding

To differentiate yourself from competition you need a strong brand identity. Thus, though you may understand your core business really well, when it comes to marketing it, you may not be sure about how to translate your thoughts and ideas into a creative concepts which will help you to position your business in the minds of your target market.

The Dux Marketing Advantage
We at Dux Marketing understand that your role is to manage and grow your business while we position you through our marketing efforts. The first step in any marketing initiative is your business concept translated into creative design. The creative concepts, hence, is key, and at Dux Marketing our creative team can effectively translate that concept into a graphic visualization.