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Use Powerful eCommerce - To shorten the distance between you and your customer

A website is normally treated as a marketing tool to showcase one’s organization, products and services. In such cases, an interested prospect visits the site, browses through the content and then has to contact the organization by email or telephone or actually visit a brick-and-mortar shop to procure products or services.

This is a Dinosaur business model and in today’s world there is really no time to waste and no opportunity should be left to chance.

Take your business to the next level by offering your customer all the benefits of buying from you, but now let him do it instantly by using Dux’s powerful eCommerce Solution, an online transaction module which links computer systems to the vendor, host and the buyer.

What is an eCommerce site?

A typical ecommerce site also known as Transactional site is an electronic version of a brick-and-mortar retailer, where the customer by clicking on links can visit an e-showroom, look at pictures of products and read up product specifications and then do an end-to-end transaction via the website, by ordering and paying for products online.

Dux goes the additional mile by creating efficiencies in the transaction process by linking the transactions to databases and back offices procedures such as accounting, inventory and sales. Dux has the capability to help you setup and run an online business, with real time credit card processing and secure transactions.

Unlike what most people believe, creating an ecommerce site is quite complex. Creation of databases is extremely important for efficient management of the site. Configuration needs to include change management, i.e., a change in price should not necessitate changing the root files but should provide you with easy usability where you can make changes instantly.

Dux’s E-commerce module provides complete functionality for configuring and operating efficient, online stores. Our E-Commerce solution is fully integrated with your back office operations including accounting and warehousing, and third party service providers. Orders once processed online will immediately reflect on back end operations cutting down on duplication of work and bringing down errors to nearly zero. Most importantly, our E-Commerce solution helps you to track inventory and the workflow helps you to track inventory levels in real-time.

Return on Investment

By enabling eCommerce on a website, the company’s customer base instantly widens as there are no geographical limitations like a brick-and-mortar shop.

There are no delayed payments, no credit or debit notes to follow up on.

Savings in operational and infrastructure costs which will be incurred in a regular brick-and-mortar set up.

Reduced manpower requirements versus staff required to manage a retail outlet.

Tracking mechanism to manage inventory, sales and pending invoices.

Dux Advantage
  • Dux excels in providing solutions to small and medium sized business setups and understands their business models excellently.
  • Dux Marketing’s eCommerce platform can be quickly deployed with minimal interruption to the existing site.
  • Dux has a complete team focused on website related work and is therefore a one stop shop for all your web related requirements.

Click on the mouse button now to begin a discussion with Dux – a discussion which will propel your business model from the past into the electronic future.