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Marketing Analytics

Competition is fierce and companies battle each other to get the attention of buyers. In an effort to stay on top, businesses spend huge amounts of money on marketing efforts but the sad fact is barely two percent of messages are picked up by consumers. What this really means is that this is the age of information overload. Every single company out there is doing every thing possible to get the customers attention and we are talking about smart companies.

So, what is needed is really not quantity but quality and when we say quality what we mean is use a limited budget to derive the maximum coverage possible. Finding the right message and delivering it at the right time at the right place to the right consumer is what is needed today.

So how do you know that the approach you have taken is the right one?

Market intelligence or Marketing Analytics is all about integrating data from touch points and aligning it to the marketing campaigns.

Analytics tools provide you with the means to evaluate data and arrive at conclusions. It can, to put it simply, measure your marketing efforts.

The Dux Advantage

Dux's analytics team spends time understanding your core business, your end customer, and your competitors and using analytics we convert all this information into data. Thus, our results are not based on guess work. We give you data with which you can actually see how your marketing campaigns are working.

Knowledge is a powerful weapon and using the insights from analytics you can fine tune your marketing efforts to produce key results. Keeping your customers happy and acquiring new customers is what we will focus on, because at Dux, we value your business.