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Are you worried about the stagnant and boring look of you website?
Are you starting a new business and want an attractive and feature heavy, yet fast moving website to start with?

To get a cutting edge website you need cutting edge scripting languages and Programming Microsoft ASP is one of the most sought after candidate in this category. It is one of those names that you always get to see here and there but never really pay attention. But choice of scripting language plays a major role in the performance of any website.

What is ASP and how does it help?

Active Server Pages or Web ASP is a server side script created by Microsoft. You can use it to create dynamic web pages as opposed to the traditional static HTML pages.

ASP web site enables you to create high performance websites as it helps us manage the contents of any page more effectively as you can preset various conditions to generate the web contents through web ASP. Execution is pretty fast with ProgrammingMicrosoft ASP and it has Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) to all the universal databases Oracle, MySQL, Sybase, MS SQL, DB2 etc.

Being a product of Microsoft, web ASP is basically meant for windows server systems which are the most prevalent in the world and it is coupled with other Microsoft technologies like SQL and Ms Access.

In this age of web 2.0 services you would need to incorporate elements like blogs, social networking or discussion forums in your site and for that you would require an extremely effective yet flexible language like ASP web site for long term benefits.

The Dux Advantage

Dux Marketing offers complete Programming Microsoft ASP scripting and hosting solutions for new entrepreneurs looking to have sleek commercial websites.

Our team of experienced professionals takes care of the projects from the scratch and delivers eye catching websites with swift performance. You will also be provided complete after sales support and assistance for any future modifications necessary for your site.