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Do you think that your website needs improvement?
Do you feel that despite its good looks, the site is getting very slow and might not even load in some systems?
Do you think some more interactive features are necessary for your website?

Then probably you need to work on your scripting language to make it up to date. advance PHP programming is one of the best options nowadays and it used extensively in many websites.

So what is it?

Originally called Personal Home Page, PHP programming is an open source, general purpose scripting language used for development of dynamic web pages. It can be embedded in HTML and works with almost all platforms and operating systems.

How does it help?

To begin with, it is a very easy to use language that works from the server side. Be it windows, linux or solaris, it works everywhere and the execution speed is really fast. General HTML pages which create only static pages can be enhanced by inserting PHP elements. Memory management is far superior with advanced PHP programming and it is connected to various databases like MySQL, Oracle and Sybase etc. More importantly, since it is open source, development and bug fixing are really fast with programming in PHP.

The Dux Advantage

Dux Marketing offers complete PHP solutions for the websites of your new businesses. Our team of highly experienced and skilled developers will take care of every aspect of your business website.

For any of your projects we will have a dedicated team which will not only develop but also manage the projects. Web development is a continuous procedure that involves regular updates, debugging, development and customer support. So we offer you a long term association with a highly qualified and dedicated team of professionals for any kind of project.

Dux also offers you various PHPfox modules like open social module, subscription module, smart polls, paid installation, group events etc. to offer you tailor made automated plug-ins in for any commercial website. That is, basically you will enable such services in your website only subscribing to such modules.