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Micosoft Access

Do you feel that your database management system is too complex?
Do you feel that these DBMS RDBMS packages are having too many different modules to be easily operable?
Do you think your database is vulnerable to cyber criminals?

MS Access might be a much simpler and yet effective option for you.

What is MS Access and how does it help?

Microsoft Office Access or MS Access is a relational database management system (RDBMS) from Microsoft. It is a combination of the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface (GUI) and software development tools. It comes with the Microsoft Office suite and you get it by default with newer versions of windows.

MS Access stores data in its own format and it can also import or link directly to other Access, Excel, XML, Outlook, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and many other databases. It can be used to develop application software as well as to build simple applications.

MS Access is much simpler to use as opposed to other high level RDBMS. It also comes as a single package as opposed to some of its counterparts who have different modules for different operations. It doesnít also need any database servers on the client side. Hence it is much simpler to use.

It offers lesser features than some other DBMS RDBMS but that makes it less vulnerable to hacking attacks. In fact the hackers donít find enough loopholes to hack MS Access.

The Dux Advantage

If your business is information heavy and you have to handle much more data than you spreadsheet can handle, then you definitely need RDBMS support. MS Access is the simplest solution that is available to you but it would take professional help to implement it.

The highly skilled professionals at Dux Marketing offer you complete solution for your database management needs through MS Access. Our dedicated team see through your projects from beginning to end and they are always available for continuous updates and support to help you with your data management needs.