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Forum or blog, employee database or leave records, information or interaction, the intranet is your employee cafť. They come here to discuss, chat, exchange ideas and seek information. They also come here to check out on mundane stuff like salary slips and tax records. Well, we are kidding.

They do probably, as of now, come to check out their salary slips and plan vacations. But we strongly believe that that is not the reason you have invested tonnes of money in your intranet portal.

And thatís where we come in. We specialize in creating Intranet portals which have all the required functionalities to store and retrieve huge amounts of content intelligently but we also give your employees an intranet site that they wonít want to quit browsing.

Forget search engines; let your intranet site be the next big word in `employee engagementí.


Why Extranet?

Because in life some things are private and some things are public and there is a whole world between the two.
This means that while you have a great Website and a robust Intranet site, there is a need for something in between. By this we mean that you place confidential information on your website but the same is protected. This becomes hugely useful in scenarios where your own employees are in a public place, possibly meeting with a prospect, and they want to access or download a price list. The extranet, helps them to access this data without wasting precious time, calling someone back at office to fax or email it.

Can the Intranet do this? Not really as the intranet is probably on a private server and not a public server. This means that anyone who is outside the serverís coverage wonít be able to access the Intranet.

The Extranet thus looks and feels like a public website but keeps private company data out of the reach of unauthorized visitors and this becomes vital especially in scenarios like the one mentioned above.

How does it work?
An Extranet looks simple on the outside and is complex on the inside and thatís the way it should be isnít it? Thus, for all purposes it looks and feels like a website, but it allows business transactions, collaboration and sharing of confidential information. This is a very complex procedure which requires a strong focus on the actual outlay of the site and its components, but the end result is in todays `instant communicationí world, nothing is too far away, too out of the reach or too delayed, especially when there is business at stake.

Why Us?
We are a bunch of left brained and right brained people. So while the right brained people work on the creatives, the left brained ones exert their brain cells to figure out firewalls, encryptions and user authentication and see what works best for you.

We strongly endorse the statement that technology should look simple on the outside while working wonders on the inside.