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Do you think your website will get too slow if you install all those interactive features?
Do you fear that your clients will log off before your applications load?

In that case you need not worry since JavaScripts solves all such problems to a great extent.

What is it and how does it help?

JavaScript is a client side scripting language which is prevalent nowadays. However you should not confuse it with the Java programming language by Sun. JavaScripts was initially developed by Netscape and it went on to have a co marketing deal with Sun for licensing the product. As of now the JavaScripts trademark is owned by Sun Microsystems.

The good thing about JavaScript is that being a client side script, it gets things done instantly without going back to the server for confirmation which is the case with most server side scripts. So obviously small but important things like validating user input etc are done at a much faster rate.

Due to its popularity and prevalence, you can get JavaScripts for any possible feature that you can imagine and want to install in your website. For example adding pop ups or setting a time & date display on your site is much easier with JavaScripts.

The Dux Advantage

Dux Marketing offers complete JavaScripts solutions for the websites of your new businesses. Our team of highly experienced and skilled developers takes care of all your coding as well as project management needs. We also provide continuous support for all the necessary updates and modification that might be necessary. We look at long term relationships with our clients.