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Shopping Cart

Do you think you are messing up all the sales data from your online business?
Are your customers complaining about the clumsy & erratic purchase process of your online store?

Then it is high time for you to add shopping cart or ecommerce capabilities in your website.

What is a Shopping Cart and how does it help?

You must have noticed those “cart shopping” options in most of the online stores. It is not just the virtual version of your shopping cart in supermarket. It offers much more than that. This application enables a customer to make a list of items for purchase and then it calculates the total price including shipping costs and other assorted charges like taxes etc.

So it helps on both sides. It makes the selection and purchasing process easier for the customers. They don’t have to repeat the whole process for every single item. On the other hand the purchase data and customer information is saved for your future reference. So customer relationship management becomes much easier for you.

The Dux Advantage

Dux Marketing offers you comprehensive add shopping cart software services. We take care of all the sales procedures through you shopping cart systems for your new online business. Our highly skilled and experienced team of professionals strives to make it an enjoyable shopping experience for all your customers so that they keep returning to you every time and spread the message in the process.