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Are you fed up with the slow development of your website?
Do you think excessive pre planning is delaying your important projects?
Are you finding it difficult to create dynamic website with conventional means?

Probably you need a rapid application development platform that helps you get rid of excessive planning and make things done faster. ColdFusion is one of the best rapid application development platforms available.

How does it help?

The ColdFusion scripting language serves the same purpose as other existing high end languages in the field but at the same time, it is much simpler than them. So it delivers high performance and reliability without requiring much training or preparation. You can create excellent web applications for your website with minimal complexity and great run time performance.

ColdFusion application is covering new features with each passing edition that is released. It was sold to Macromedia, the creator of flash, at one point of time which itself was acquired by adobe later on. So now the latest edition also comes with the ability to code and debug Shockwave Flash.

The Dux Advantage

The experienced team at dux marketing can help you with all your ColdFusion administrator. You will have dedicated teams to take care of all the projects from start to finish. They will develop cutting edge applications for you web pages at a brisk rate according to your vision and requirements. Moreover Dux offers comprehensive after sales support to all the clients and is committed to help with their further developments.